Our Objective

To promote underwater photography, provide opportunities for divers to nurture photography skills, and increase marine environmental appreciation to all through this medium.’ 


In January 2010, a small group of divers with an avid passion for underwater photography began meeting regularly to share their images, in-camera and photo editing skills. 
Interest grew and Snappers’ Underwater Photography Inc was formed in March 2012. 

We continue to grow – mentoring, learning and sharing, while having fun. 
Who knows what each photographer can achieve with their acquired skills, and the group’s support.

We meet at South Newcastle Leagues Club on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm.

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Free up disk space in Ligthroom

I follow a photographer and Instructor Matt Kloskowski based in the USA  – I really like his approach and very practical guidance.

“Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a Photoshop and Lightroom Guy that helps people navigate the crazy waters of photography and photo editing” have a squiz @ https://mattk.com/

Solved! How I Recovered Gigabytes of Space from Lightroom 


This worked a treat for me, I have subscribed to his newsletter and very happy.

 Tips you Probably Didn’t Know in Lightroom – I just posted a video yesterday about tips you probably didn’t know in Lightroom. Wow! It’s already received thousands of views and a ton of comments from people that never knew these tips. Watch the video by clicking here.  or youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_6toxveBIk&ab_channel=MattKloskowski 

Enjoy, Ian Marriner

by Ian Marriner, February 7, 2019