I follow a photographer and Instructor Matt Kloskowski based in the USA  – I really like his approach and very practical guidance.

“Hi, I’m Matt! I’m a Photoshop and Lightroom Guy that helps people navigate the crazy waters of photography and photo editing” have a squiz @ https://mattk.com/

Solved! How I Recovered Gigabytes of Space from Lightroom 


This worked a treat for me, I have subscribed to his newsletter and very happy.

 Tips you Probably Didn’t Know in Lightroom – I just posted a video yesterday about tips you probably didn’t know in Lightroom. Wow! It’s already received thousands of views and a ton of comments from people that never knew these tips. Watch the video by clicking here.  or youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_6toxveBIk&ab_channel=MattKloskowski 

Enjoy, Ian Marriner